These 10 Places are Must to Visit in Gold Coast

These 10 Places are Must to Visit in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a paradise nestled along Australia’s eastern coast, boasts a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes, stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, theme parks like Dream world and Warner Bros Movie World, lush hinterland for nature lovers, and enthralling experiences. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or family-friendly activities, the Gold Coast has something for everyone. So must-visit this essential spots on the Gold Coast that you shouldn’t miss! These 10 Places are Must to Visit in Gold Coast ensure an unforgettable experience in this stunning location.

Take a look to the list of These 10 Places are Must to Visit in Gold Coast 2024:

  1. Australian Outback Spectacular
  2. Dracula’s Cabaret
  3. Broadbeach
  4. iFLY Gold Coast
  5. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets
  6. Greenmount Beach
  7. Soul Boardwalk
  8. Federation Walk Coastal Reserve
  9. Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus
  10. Mick Schamburg Park
  11. Holoverse
  12. Honey World Gold Coast St
  13. Vincent’s Catholic Church

1. Australian Outback Spectacular

These 10 Places are Must to Visit in Gold Coast

The atmosphere was really fantastic and the show was one of the best. It was a glimpse into  tough world of station. There would be a helicopter “flying” around inside  part of the show. And there food was really good.

Location- Entertainment Rd, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia

Ticket price- $99.99 for general admission and $129 for premium rail experiences. Ticket prices change from weekday to Saturday.

Timings- Activity timing 7.30 PM and duration 3 hours (approx.)

2. Dracula’s Cabaret

Dracula’s is Australia’s long time running and a successful dinner theatre. A total night of entertainment combining burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and quality dining, you find all in the one incredible venue.

Location- 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia

Ticket price- Dinner & Show ticket price start at $94.52, some say VIP tickets cost around $130 per person.

Timing- Show time 10 AM – 8 PM (Duration 4 hours (approx.)) and Dinner time 7 PM – 11:30โ€ฏPM.

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3. Broadbeach

Not far from  vibrant Surfers Paradise is the calm and collected Broadbeach, it refuge of honey-coloured sands. The Gold Coast town boasts was incredible dining, thumping nightclubs, homey taverns and impressive shopping. Risktakers and thrill-seekers can press their luck at  Conrad Jupiter’s Casino.

Location- Queensland 4218, Australia

Timing- 24 hours open (Duration 2 hours Approx.)

4. iFLY Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a new way to experience all the thrills of skydiving without any terrifying jump, then iFLY Indoor Skydiving Gold Coast is perfect for you. These indoor skydiving Gold Coast packages are perfect for all beginners. You will must can learn all the basics of skydiving in a safe environment and experience the feeling of weightlessness without leaving the comfort of land is great.

Location- 3084 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

Timing- 8:30โ€ฏAMโ€“6:30โ€ฏPM (Duration 2hours Approx.)

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5. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

Each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening, treasure  nimrods, bargain gatekeepers and after-  regale  trampers make their way to the Browsers Paradise Beachfront requests to wander along the  littoral stretch of  further than 100  request booths, while live impersonators set a casual mood in their performances.

Location- The Foreshore, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

Ticket Price- free to visit

Timing- Open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 4โ€“9 PM

6. Greenmount Beach

It is the best beach on the Gold Coast, property prices are starting to reflect it.  The water is consistently turquoise in color and the temperature is wonderful. It’s also a very protected beach for youngers. So do yourself a chance and visit this gem.

Location- Coolangatta (Eastern end of Coolangatta Beach), Queensland, Australia

Timing- 24 hours open

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7. Soul Boardwalk

It is a wide level path that goes along on the side of the beach on Surfers Paradise.It is wide but watch out for bike riders and people on skate boards etc as they are using that same path you just need to be a observant.There are seats along the bath and  area near Cavill Ave has a night time market 3 nights a week.

Location- 4 Esplanade, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

Ticket Price- Restaurant & Bar COST: $35 (includes all equipment).

Timing- 9 AM – 9 PM (Duration 3 hours)

8. Federation Walk Coastal Reserve

Take a break and relax on the scenic landscape of Federation Walk. Situated on The Spit, this dynamic ecosystem provides a great opportunity to get up close with the area’s plant and bird life.

Location- 1 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia

Timing- Open 24 hours

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9. Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus

Centrally grounded and just twinkles from world- notorious strands, youโ€™ll be suitable to enjoy a vibrant, enviable pupil life, with further than 80 pupil clubs to explore as well as a variety of sporting and fitness amenities, on- lot services, retail outlets, and cafes.

Location- Parklands Drive, Southport, QLD 4215

Timing- 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

10. Mick Schamburg Park

This demesne is a retired gem, boasting stirring littoral lookouts from its two stunning lookouts on top of Miami Headland. One lookout is equipped with on a telescope, allowing you to marvel at the mesmerizing northern and southern bank.

Location- LOT 207 The Esplanade, Miami QLD 4220, Australia

Ticket Price- Mick Schamburg Park in Gold Coast cost $24

Timing- 24 hour open (Duration 1-3hours Approx.)

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December 28, 2023
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