Top 5 Deadliest Bungee Jumping Spots Worldwide

Top 5 Deadliest Bungee Jumping Spots Worldwide

Bungee Jumping is one of most Adventurous and thrilling Sport that will must scare you, For Some Seconds felt like you gone but the sky kissing you when you jumped. So Explore these Top 5 Deadliest Bungee Jumping Spots Worldwide With TourYatras and experienced this some thrilling Jumps that will must give you goose bumps.

Take a look to the list of Top 5 Deadliest Bungee Jumping Spots Worldwide :

  1. Macau Tower, China
  2. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland
  3. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa
  4. Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico
  5. Europabrucke, Austria

1. Macau Tower

It’s 764 Feet High. At China, Macau Tower is most thrilling, highest bungee jumps in the world. This scarry activity will mustย  give you goose bumps and will make you feel terrified at the time when you jumped. It is not only the activity that is you can enjoy at Macau Tower; guests can also walk in the Skywalk.

  • Location : Sรฉ, Macau
  • Price: Near about INR 41000 per person.

2. Verzasca Dam

It’s 721 high Feet High. In Switzerland people jump from a height of 721 feet and that is a freefall of around 6 seconds. This is enough to scare you to the core. There are di erent varieties of jumpsย  which the guests can choose and enjoy the Scarry activity.

  • Location : Valle Verzasca, 6633 Lavertezzo, Switzerland
  • Price: Adults (from 20 years); 1-2 persons : Near about INR 24000

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3. Bloukrans Bridge

ย It’s 718 feet high. In South Africa Bloukrans Bridge attracts a huge number of adventurous people. and the bridge is quite famous in the region for enjoy bungee jumping. Visit this bridge and you can enjoy the abundant natural bliss.

  • Location : Natureโ€™s Valley, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Price: Near about INR 6295 per person.

4. Rio Grande Bridge

It’s 680 feet high. In New Mexico This outstanding Rio Grande Bridge is one of the most wanted destinations for bungee jumping in Mexico.

  • Location : 16 km northwest ofย Taos, New Mexico, United States.
  • Price: Near about INR 34984 per person.

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5. Europabrucke

It’s 630 feet high. In Austria It is another apt destination if you want to jump from a particular height and if you are ready to feel the thrill and adventure then it’s perfect for you.

  • Location : Parkplatz Europabrucke 3, 6141 Schรถnberg
  • Price: Near about INR 12600 per person.

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December 17, 2023
Santu Chakraborty

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