Top 15 Lovely Hill Stations in Kerala for Couples 

Top 15 Lovely Hill Stations in Kerala for Couples 

In this blog, we show that there are top 15 lovely hill stations in Kerala that are perfect for couples looking for a romantic escape. From the beautiful hills of Munnar to the peaceful vibes of Vagamon, we’ll explore these amazing spots with stunning views and cozy places to stay. 

Here are the Top 15 Lovely Hill Stations in Kerala for Couples:

1. Munnar

Munnar, the cozy spot in Kerala, is like a secret-sharing place for couples. Picture waking up to green hills, smelling fresh tea, and walking together in lush gardens. There are hidden waterfalls and cozy fires for sunset tea; romance fills the air in Munnar’s calm hug.

Feel the heart of Kerala with old temples, spice tours, exciting hikes, and peaceful kayaking. Then, come back to fancy tea-garden hotels, enjoy a relaxing spa, have romantic dinners, and tell stories under the stars. Munnar is where love gets its perfect spot.

How to reach: Accessible by road from Cochin (Kochi) International Airport, approximately 110 kilometers away.

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • The Fog Resort & Spa
  • Tea County Resort

2. Wayanad

Kerala’s green heart has something for everyone. If you like excitement, try kayaking in fast rivers, hiking in misty hills, or spotting big tigers. For those who love romance, there are treehouses to cuddle in, spa days to enjoy, and dinners with amazing nature views. Take a break from the city and make your story full of Wayanad’s wild beauty.

How to reach: 

  • From Calicut: 92 km via NH212 and SH29
  • From Kannur: 141 km via NH66 and NH212

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Vythiri Village Resort
  • Windflower Resort and Spa

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3. Thekkady

Thekkady, in Kerala, is a special place where jungles and lakes create a magical scene. Imagine going on a safari to spot elephants or taking a boat ride on Periyar Lake. You can hike to a hidden waterfall and enjoy stories by a warm fire at night.

After exploring, have romantic dinners by the lake and enjoy the tranquility. Stay in a peaceful lakeside cottage and relax with spa treatments.

So, pack your bags and escape the city to let Thekkady create unforgettable adventures and peaceful moments for you.

How to reach: 

  • From Kottayam: 129 km via MC Road and SH1
  • From Munnar: 91 km via SH19

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Spice Village Resort
  • Cardamom County Resort

4. Ponmudi

Ponmudi in Kerala promises misty hills, colorful wildflowers, and amazing views. Take a calming walk on winding roads, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the peace of each step. It’s a perfect escape from the busy world, where you can hike in quiet forests, have a picnic in blooming meadows, and find hidden waterfalls with their own stories. 

Ponmudi isn’t just a spot; it’s a warm feeling of sun on your skin, the breeze on your face, and deep peace in your soul. Come, get lost in its green hug, and discover the magic of nature’s quiet whispers.

How to reach: 

  • From Thiruvananthapuram: 72 km via SH7
  • From Kottayam: 170 km via MC Road and NH220

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Golden Valley Resort
  • KTDC Golden Peak Resort

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5. Devikulam

Devikulam, nestled in Kerala’s green hills, promises peace. Tranquil lakes rest in emerald valleys, reflecting nature’s calm whispers. Take a deep breath, unwind, and feel the cool hug of this hillside haven.

Devikulam isn’t just a view; it’s a feeling. It’s the gentle touch of cool air, sunlight through leaves, and the soft murmur of water. It’s a space to breathe, reconnect with yourself, and enjoy nature’s simple joys.

Come, lose yourself in Devikulam’s green embrace. Let the silence share serenity, the lakes calm your soul, and the hills paint tranquility on your smile. In this quiet retreat, find not just an escape but a rekindling of your soul.

How to reach: From Munnar: 14 km via Munnar-Devikulam Road

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • The Panoramic Getaway
  • Misty Mountain Resort

6. Idukki

Idukki in Kerala is like a mountain paradise, covered in lots of green and feeling cool in the breeze. There’s a huge dam holding its blue-green waters, making power for people’s dreams.

Elephants wander in the Idukki Sanctuary, and you can hear birds singing all around. Hill View Park shows off amazing views, and Spice Gardens have old flavors that are really interesting.

In Idukki, things go slower, and you forget about worries while nature shares its secrets. Take deep breaths, feel the ground, and enjoy the special magic of the mountains.

How to reach:

  • From Munnar: 112 km via SH19 and SH33
  • From Thodupuzha: 42 km via SH33

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Wild Elephant Eco-friendly Resort
  • Mountain View Resort

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7. Silent Valley 

Deep in the middle of Kerala, nestled among green hills, is Silent Valley, a very quiet and ancient forest paradise. Here, nature is the boss, making beautiful pictures with rare plants and shy animals that many people don’t know about.

If you’re looking for peace, Silent Valley is calling you. Trails for walking wind through this green sanctuary, each turn showing you amazing natural beauty. Waterfalls sing as you walk, sunlight shines through the leaves, and colorful wildflowers cover the ground.

But the best thing about Silent Valley is how quiet it is. You’ll feel a special calmness that makes the noise of the outside world disappear. Take deep breaths, listen to the wind in the leaves, and feel nature all around you. 

How to reach: From Munnar: 60 km via SH19 and SH33

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Treetop Resort
  • Silent Valley Cottage Resort

8. Coorg 

Picture green hills covered in mist, fields of coffee plants swaying in the breeze, and cool air making you feel calm. That’s Coorg, a peaceful place in the mountains of India where nature tells stories and quietness is everywhere.

In the morning, when it’s misty, you’ll see amazing views—lots of hills, green forests, and waterfalls like Abbey Falls, where water makes a happy noise. At Dubare Elephant Camp, you can meet big elephants, and their clever eyes show the old soul of this place.

Coorg smells like coffee all around. You can taste fresh coffee made with love, and the local food has flavors that tell stories through every bite and the friendly faces of the people.

This peaceful place has more than just pretty views. It’s a feeling—the touch of grass, the sound of wind in the leaves, and the quiet—that says a lot. In Coorg, you find yourself again, get close to nature, and enjoy a simple life.

So, come and get lost in Coorg’s green hug. Walk up misty hills, feel the water from waterfalls, and meet kind people. In this special place where nature and peace come together, you’ll find not just a spot to visit but a part of yourself.

How to reach: 

  • From Kannur: 102 km via NH212 and NH275
  • From Wayanad: 78 km via SH29 and NH275

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Tamara Coorg
  • Orange County, Coorg

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9. Vythiri

Imagine getting lost in the green hills of Kerala, where Vythiri seems like a dream whispered by the trees. Every turn shows you beautiful views, with forests covering the slopes. The best part? The Wayanad Tree House invites you to live up high, closer to nature’s secrets.

Soochipara Falls is like a shiny waterfall ribbon, calling you for a cool swim. Nearby, a wildlife sanctuary is full of life, promising meetings with shy animals and lovely bird sounds. Take in the smell of old forests, feel the sunlight on your skin, and listen to the wind in the leaves.

Vythiri isn’t just nice views; it’s a feeling. It’s the kindness in people’s smiles, the burst of flavors in local food, and the calmness that covers your worries. Time goes slow here, letting you reconnect with yourself and nature.

Walk by waterfalls, hike through green hills, and let the secrets of the trees tell you stories. In Vythiri, you don’t make memories; you find them. Come, get lost in its green hug, and discover a part of yourself among the whispering leaves.

How to reach: From Kalpetta (Wayanad): 27 km via Vythiri-Mananthavady Road

Hotel Recommandation: 

  • Greenex Farms
  • Vythiri Resort

10. Nelliyampathy

Nelliyampathy in Kerala is a hidden treasure where foggy hills sing peaceful songs and tea gardens make lovely pictures. The roads twist and turn, taking you through pine forests to amazing views. Down below, valleys look like green blankets under the sun and clouds.

Pothundy Dam sits quietly, holding calm waters that invite calm thoughts. The air feels cool and nice, washing away worries like morning mist. Here, time moves slowly, following nature’s rhythm with leaves rustling and birds singing.

Nelliyampathy is more than just pretty views; it’s a feeling. It’s the happiness of a picnic among tea plants, the excitement of walking in the mist, and the warmth of the sun setting over the hills. It’s a calm escape, a place for tired souls looking for peace and a reconnection with nature.

So, come and get lost in Nelliyampathy’s green hug. Drink tasty tea, look at amazing views, and let the quietness tell you its secrets. In this hidden place, you’ll find more than a spot to visit; you’ll find a piece of calmness in the heart of the hills.

How to reach:

  • From Palakkad: 57 km via SH49 and SH85
  • From Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu): 102 km via NH66 and SH85

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Nelliyampathy Hill Resort
  • Forest Glade Resort

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11. Peermade

Peermade in Kerala is a calm place with hills and tea gardens. It’s peaceful, and the nature there is very beautiful. You can walk on big farms, smell fresh tea, and see amazing views from hidden spots. 

Besides the pretty sights, Peermade has old stories in temples and quiet places in stone churches. Time goes slow there, letting you enjoy simple things and feel better in nature.

How to reach: 

  • From Munnar: 40 km via SH19
  • From Kottayam: 114 km via MC Road and SH1

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • KTDC Tamarind Easy Hotel
  • Dream Land Hill Resort

12. Chithral

In Kerala’s green hug, Chithral is like a quiet secret. Hills covered in tea gardens and spice farms create a peaceful scene that slows time, letting you escape city noise for nature’s calm melody.

Take gentle walks in tea gardens, breathing in the fresh leaf smell. Enjoy the cool air with hints of cardamom and cinnamon, and feel worries disappear like morning mist.

Chithral isn’t just a view; it’s a feeling. It’s sunlight through leaves, grass gently swaying, and a quiet that says a lot. It’s a space to reconnect with yourself and find comfort in nature’s simple rhythm.

Come, get lost in Chithral’s green hug. Let the hills share peaceful secrets, the spice farms fill your senses with nice smells, and the calmness sink into your bones. In this peaceful spot, discover not just a break, but a part of your soul revived.

How to reach: From Munnar: 146 km via SH19 and SH62

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Abad Copper Castle Resort
  • Amala’s Residency

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13. Kuttikkanam

Kuttikkanam is like a promise of peace. The air feels cool as it moves through quiet forests, creating scenes of lush greenery. It’s a place where calmness is thick in the air, like a soothing comfort for tired souls.

Tea plantations cover the hills like green blankets, inviting easy walks. Take a deep breath, let the fresh leaf smell wash away worries, and feel the cool air on your face. This is nature’s music, with leaves rustling and streams murmuring.

Kuttikkanam isn’t just a view; it’s a feeling. It’s sunlight through leaves, a quiet that says a lot, and the calm rhythm of nature. It’s a space to reconnect with yourself, to escape the noise of the city, and find comfort in the simple beauty of the hills.

Come, get lost in Kuttikkanam’s green hug. Let the calmness surround you, the forests share peaceful secrets, and the tea plantations fill your thoughts with tranquility. In this quiet spot, discover not just a getaway but a part of your soul revived.

How to reach: From Munnar: 32 km via Munnar-Kuttikanam Road

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Mountain Club Resort
  • Kuttikanam Heritage

14. Vagamon

Vagamon is like a soft dream. Hills covered in green meadows and sweet tea gardens play with pine forests that whisper in the breeze. Feel the cool air on your cheeks, soak in the calmness, and let time slow down to nature’s gentle beat.

Amazing views stretch out from high spots, asking you to get lost in endless green. Walk through sweet-smelling forests, where sunlight comes through leaves and the ground is like a soft carpet of moss. Or just enjoy the peace, feeling the ground under your feet and the wind sharing secrets.

Vagamon isn’t just a view; it’s a feeling. It’s sunlight through pine trees, flowers gently moving, and a quiet that says a lot. It’s a place to find yourself again, to breathe in and let nature’s hug make your worries fade away.

How to reach: 

  • From Idukki: 48 km via SH33 and SH19
  • From Kottayam: 147 km via MC Road and SH1

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Holiday Vagamon
  • Misty Dreams Vagamon

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15. Ramakkalmedu

Ramakkalmedu is about more than what you see; it’s about what you feel. Breathe in the cool, free-scented breeze. Feel the sun warm your skin, and let the quiet hug you. Walk through the whispering grass, each step a rediscovery of nature’s joy.

Climb to the top, and you’ll meet a big statue of local folklore figures, Kuravan and Kurathi. From there, the world unfolds—hills flowing down to meet the Tamil Nadu plains, like a sunny painting.

This isn’t just a place; it’s a safe spot. A place to escape noise and find yourself in nature’s symphony. Here, surrounded by dancing windmills and amazing views, discover not just peace, but a piece of your soul.

Come, dance with the windmills on Ramakkalmedu’s green hills. Let the views stay in your memory, the cool breeze share secrets of calmness, and find yourself in the magic of this special place.

How to reach: 

  • From Munnar: 129 km via SH19 and SH71
  • From Kozhikode: 112 km via NH212 and SH8

Hotel Recommendation: 

  • Wind Haven Resort
  • Green View Holiday Inn

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