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In this blog, we discuss Lakshadweep Tour Full Details. In Lakshadweep, there are 36 islands. If you find the location for fun, then Lakshadweep is the best place for you. You can do lots of activities on the beach and underwater. Lakshadweep is the perfect location for beach lovers. You stay in nature in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Imagine a bunch of green islands in the Arabian Sea, far from the busyness of mainland India. That’s Lakshadweep, a group of 36 islands often called “a hundred thousand islands” locally. These islands are 200-400 kilometers away from the Kerala coast, offering pretty beaches, lively coral reefs, and a relaxed island vibe.

Not all the islands have people, but places like Agatti and Kavaratti, among the ten where people live, are amazing. Think tall coconut trees along sandy beaches, clear lagoons full of colorful fish, and lively coral reefs with lots of sea life. It’s a perfect place to chill, explore, and experience island life.

Whether you love beaches, want to explore underwater, or are curious about traditional fishing communities, Lakshadweep has something for you. Dive into coral reefs, paddle through hidden lagoons, or just enjoy the easygoing life in cute villages. Remember, you’ll need permits for most visits, so plan ahead!

Getting to this faraway paradise takes some planning. Flights and ferries connect the islands to mainland India, mainly through Kochi. Although the journey is part of the fun, keep in mind the limited travel options and slightly higher costs compared to mainland India.

So, if you’re looking for a change from the usual, a place to be close to nature, and experience a unique culture, Lakshadweep is waiting. Pack your adventurous spirit, go with the slow island life, and get ready to be amazed by this hidden treasure in the Arabian Sea.

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Top things to do:

Lakshadweep has something for everyone, whether you love the beach, seek adventure, or enjoy learning about different cultures. Here are some cool things to do:

For Beach Lovers: Snorkel and dive, Relax on beaches, Enjoy local cuisine.

Who Crave Adventure: Surf the waves, Go deep-sea fishing, Trek through coconut groves, Island hopping.

For Culture Enthusiasts: Visit historic mosques, Experience local life, Watch traditional dances, Visit the Marine Museum.

These are just some of the awesome things you can do in Lakshadweep!

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Best time to visit:

Lakshadweep is always sunny and nice, but the best time to visit is from October to May. During this time, the weather is just right for outdoor fun like diving and exploring. It’s the peak season, with mild temperatures (22ยฐC – 30ยฐC) and clear skies.

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Homestays and basic guest houses (โ‚น1,500 – โ‚น3,000 per night)

Fresh seafood is abundant and affordable (โ‚น200 – โ‚น500 per meal)

Mainly flights and ferries from Kochi (โ‚น3,000 – โ‚น10,000+)

Activities: Snorkeling (โ‚น500 – โ‚น1,000), kayaking (โ‚น300 – โ‚น500), cultural experiences (free), Scuba diving (โ‚น2,000 – โ‚น5,000), deep-sea fishing (โ‚น3,000 – โ‚น7,000)

How to reach:

1. From India:

Gateway City: Kochi, Kerala, is your main entry point.

Flights: Indian Airlines operates daily flights from Kochi to Agatti Island, the only island with an airport accessible to tourists. Journey time is around 1.5 hours.

Ferry: Several government and private ferries operate between Kochi and Lakshadweep islands. The journey takes 14-20 hours, depending on the island.

2. From Outside India:

Flights: Fly into any major Indian airport like Delhi or Mumbai and connect to Kochi for onward travel to Lakshadweep.

Visa: Obtain an Indian visa before your trip.

Restrictions: Direct entry to Lakshadweep from outside India is currently restricted.

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March 25, 2024
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