15 Best Places in Port Blair That Will Leave You Breathless

15 best places in Port Blair

Hear stories from the past by the blue shores. See old buildings, nice beaches, colorful reefs, and 15 must-visit spots, have fun with Andaman adventures, where each place has stories that make you feel amazed. Explore this 15 best places in Port Blair, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and cultural richness.

Here is the 15 Best Places in Port Blair in 2024:

1. Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail is the best place in 15 Best Places in Port Blair, built by the British in 1896, wasn’t just an ordinary prison. It was a scary symbol of power meant to crush the hopes of freedom fighters. The small, isolated cells were made to break their spirits, and you can feel the struggle that happened there.

But the resistance was strong. Now, the jail is a reminder of those times. Walk through the small, tight rooms, imagine guards in the watchtower, and at night, watch a special show that tells the jail’s story and shows the strong spirit of Andaman’s fight for freedom.

How to reach: Cellular Jail from Port Blair – 2.5 km (1.6 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Seashell, Port Blair
  • Hotel Shompen 
  • Sunray Homes 

2. Ross Island

Near Port Blair, covered in green, is Ross Islandโ€”a place telling stories from two times. It used to be a busy British place, but now it’s taken back by nature, making a mix of history and peace.

See the Chief Commissioner’s house and an empty church with old walls that tell stories from the past. But Ross Island isn’t stuck in history.

Green forests are full of birds, inviting you to enjoy their hug. Chill on the quiet beach; let the gentle waves wash your worries away. Swim in the cool water and feel the island’s magic, which makes you feel fresh.

At night, there’s a cool light show. The island looks different, with old buildings shining in a magical light. It’s like history and today are dancing together. It’s a special show where the past talks to the present, a treat for your senses.

Ross Island isn’t just a place; it’s an adventure. It’s where history talks to the wind, nature makes a peaceful spot, and nights dance with time’s memories. So, come and get lost in this green hug, finding the magic where history and peace come together.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 2 km (1.2 mi)

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3. Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands 

In India’s Andaman Islands, Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands are like underwater treasures. Clear waters hold colorful coral reefs, where fish swim around bright corals.

Put on your mask and snorkel for a stunning experience. Jolly Buoy has clear water and beautiful coral gardens, perfect for seeing marine wonders up close. Red Skin is peaceful, with its own underwater paradise for calm exploration.

But these places are protected. Only a limited number of people can visit each day to keep the environment healthy. So, be one of the lucky ones to step on their clean shores, walk along quiet beaches, and enjoy the peaceful sea air.

Come visit Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands. Dive into clear dreams, discover underwater worlds, and let Andaman’s shiny jewels spark your love for travel.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 30 km (18.6 mi)

4. Anthropological Museum

In Port Blair’s Andamans, discover the Anthropological Museumโ€”a place full of tales from the island tribes. Stroll through galleries showcasing tools, vibrant traditions in clothing, and small houses that held generations. Each item shares a story, revealing a rich culture and survival wisdom.

Delve deeper, and pictures narrate tales of unique rituals, lively festivals, and a profound connection with the land. You begin to grasp why they lived the way they did, valuing certain customs. Respect and a newfound understanding of their wisdom emerge.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 2 km (1.2 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Hotel Sea Shell Coral Cove 
  • Bay Island Jungle Resort 
  • Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair 

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5. Fisheries Museum 

In Port Blair, where the blue waves talk to the shore, you’ll find the Fisheries Museum. It’s like a door to the ocean’s amazing world. Here, the hidden treasures of the Andaman Sea come to life. Fish in bright colors and shells with cool patterns tell stories from the sea.

Look at the colorful fish, their fins shining like jewelry, and their scales moving with the water. Check out the seashells, each one showing how artistic the ocean is. See coral gardens and lively cities under the sea, proving how strong the sea is.

So, come and enjoy the Fisheries Museum. Let the ocean share its secrets, the fish amaze you, and the fishermen’s stories stay with you. This is where the Andaman Sea shows its magic, one fin, one shell, one story at a time.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 3 km (1.9 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Hotel de Marina 
  • Hotel King Safire 
  • TSG Grand

6. Samudrika Marine Museum

Samudrika Marine Museum, these whispers from the deep transform into dazzling exhibits.

No boring displays here. Colorful galleries overflow with ocean magic. Fish scales shine like jewels, corals create tiny kingdoms, and seashells speak of ancient tides. Each exhibit is a doorway to an underwater wonderland.But Samudrika is more than just pretty pictures.

Whether you’re an aspiring ocean expert or an excited explorer, magic awaits. Every corner brings a new discovery, and every display holds a whispered secret. Samudrika isn’t just a museum; it’s a knowledge playground, where amazement meets understanding, and the wonders of the Andaman Sea reveal themselves, one fin, one coral, one fascinating fact at a time.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 3 km (1.9 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Hotel Hilltop International 
  • AT Hotels & Resorts 
  • Blue Bridge Home 

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7. Sagarika Emporium

15 best places in Port Blair

In Port Blair, where the Andaman Sea whispers in turquoise hues, you’ll find a special place โ€“ the Sagarika Emporium. Here, local artisans shape the essence of the islands into tangible treasures.

Stroll through sunlit galleries, where handcrafted jewelry glimmers like captured sunlight. Run your fingers along the smooth lines of wooden carvings, each telling a story with every chisel stroke. Witness seashells transform into intricate mosaics, embodying the whispers of the ocean in art.

Every item at Sagarika isn’t just an object; it’s a story woven by the islands. It carries the wisdom of ancestors, the rhythmic waves carved into wood, and the vibrant secrets of coral reefs held within seashells.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 2 km (1.2 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Hotel Marina Manor 
  • GKM Grand Hotel 
  • Coral Reef Hotel 

8. Corbyn’s Cove Beach

In Port Blair, Corbyn’s Cove Beach beckons with its soft sands, offering a perfect setting for relaxation. Take a leisurely stroll along the shore, or simply sit back and savor the mesmerizing sea view.

Corbyn’s Cove is a peaceful getaway where blue waves gently touch the golden shores. Imagine walking on soft sand, feeling the coastline under your bare feet. Take in the salty air, let the soothing waves calm your mind, and sense your worries fading away.

Seeking excitement? Corbyn’s Cove offers a playground of possibilities. Glide on a jet ski, enjoy a thrilling banana boat ride, or test your balance on a stand-up paddleboard. The ocean here is a source of fun, promising new discoveries with every splash and laugh.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 7 km (4.3 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Sea Shell Sandpiper 
  • The Chancellor Resort 
  • J Hotel 

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9. Munda Pahad

Munda Pahad, near Port Blair in India. It’s not like crowded beaches with lots of people. Munda Pahad is peaceful and perfect if you want quiet. You can walk through the forest, listen to birds singing, and reach a beautiful beach. The sand is soft, and the water is clearโ€”a great place to relax and take a swim.

But Munda Pahad isn’t just for chilling. It’s awesome for taking photos! You can capture amazing sunrises and sunsets. There are also secret spots to explore, like little caves and rocky places that make great pictures.

If you like adventures, Munda Pahad has that too. You can climb the hill for an awesome view, kayak in the mangroves, or snorkel to see colorful fish underwater.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 22 km (13.7 mi)

10. Chidiya Tapu

Near Port Blair, in the Andaman Islands, lies Chidiya Tapu, a quiet island whisperer named after the birds (chidiya) that call it home.

Here, the sunsets paint the sky with fiery colors, setting hearts ablaze with beauty. The beach, soft and gentle, welcomes your bare feet for peaceful walks.

But Chidiya Tapu isn’t just about sunsets and sand. Follow the winding trails, and vibrant birds flit through the trees, their songs filling the air like a joyful melody. You might even spot a rare beauty!

This island whisperer invites you to slow down, breathe in the fresh air, and lose yourself in nature’s symphony. Watch the birds flutter, listen to the waves murmur, and feel the sunset’s warmth wrap around you.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 25 km (15.5 mi)

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11. Natural Bridge

Close to Port Blair, the ocean has a surprise: a huge rock bridge it made! It’s not just nice to look at; it’s an adventure! Walk on hidden paths, climb for great views, and look at colorful fish in small pools.

Sunset? It’s like magic! The rocks turn golden, waves make soothing sounds, and a peaceful feeling wraps around you. The bridge isn’t just a rock; it’s a fantastic nature adventure!

Come and explore, climb, and let the ocean create memories brighter than seashells.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair: 25 km (15.5 mi)

12. Viper Island

Near Port Blair whispers a hidden island called Viper. Once, it held a secret: a jail where British rulers kept brave Indian fighters. Today, you can still see the echoes of that past in the old jail walls.

But Viper Island isn’t just about history. It’s a beauty spot too! From its shores, you can gaze at the sparkling sea and green hills, a feast for your eyes.

Reaching Viper Island is easyโ€”just a quick boat ride from Port Blair. So, come, explore the island’s whispers of history, and soak in the breathtaking views. Learn about the past, feel the wind in your hair, and discover the magic of Viper Island.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 3 km (1.9 mi)

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13. Baratang Island

In the Andaman Islands, not too far from Port Blair, you’ll find the captivating Baratang Island, a place full of hidden wonders. Here, the earth reveals its secrets through cool and mysterious limestone caves, just waiting for you to explore.

Baratang also has something unique: small mud volcanoes that gently bubble like enchanted mud pots. While they are lovely to see, it’s important to admire them from a respectful distance.

Despite that, Baratang generously shares its natural beauty. 

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 100 km (62.1 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Barefoot at Havelock 
  • Dolphin Bay Resort 
  • Emerald Gecko 

14. Havelock Islandย 

Havelock, an Andaman paradise, boasts sun-kissed beaches like Radhanagar, offering a perfect escape. Dive into crystal-clear waters, snorkel with vibrant fish, and explore coral wonders through scuba diving.ย 

Beyond the shores, lush green forests beckon with shaded walks and breathtaking views. Answer Havelock’s call for a short escape into Andaman’s paradise.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair – 57 km (35.4 mi)

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15. Mount Harriet National Parkย 

Near Port Blair, there’s a peaceful haven named Mount Harriet National Park. It treats nature lovers to breathtaking views of islands and the sparkling sea.

But Mount Harriet is more than just a pretty sight. Birds and butterflies fill the air, and plants share their secrets in the breeze. It’s a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

History whispers through the mountains. Once a British summer retreat, it now echoes with the past. Walk the serene paths, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

So, come, climb Mount Harriet, and be amazed by the views. Spot colorful birds, listen to the wind in the leaves, and uncover the magic of this island retreat.

How to reach: Distance from Port Blair -15 km (9.3 mi)

Hotel Recommendation:

  • Barefoot at Havelock 
  • Dolphin Bay Resort
  • Emerald Gecko

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January 22, 2024
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