Places to Visit while in Malaysia

9 Places to Visit while in Malaysia:

KL Tower:
Places To Visit While In Malaysia

The KL Tower is an excellent example of modern Malaysian architecture. KL Tower Tickets will allow you to see the beauty and elegance of Malaysian architecture. At 421m high, it has quickly become a landmark in Kuala Lumpur. As the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world, it is visible from most places around the city. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur, you must visit this attraction. It is also known as the Islamic falak observatory, which allows for moon gazing during Ramadan holy months. This magnificent monument was built using intricate Arabic calligraphy, Islamic tiles, abstract patterns, and floral motifs. Here we describe 9 Places to Visit while in Malaysia.

Genting Cable Car:

Asia’s most extended gondola lift, the Genting SkyWay connects two terminals at Gohtong Jaya or Resort Hotel. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the 3.38-kilometer cabled route. This gives guests a fantastic view of the city as they climb uphill. Genting Skyway is proud to be the safest gondola lift in the country. This is due to its use of high-quality electrical technology and the latest design, which has been approved for safety. There have also been numerous safety trials.

Underwater World Langkawi:

It is one of South East Asia’s largest freshwater and marine aquariums. It has been a popular tourist attraction in Langkawi since its opening on August 26, 1995. This vast underwater environment is home to more than 200 marine fish species, including sharks and enormous rays. The Amazonian Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in the world, can be found at the aquarium’s entrance.

Langkawi Cable Car:
Places to Visit while in Malaysia

Sky Cab, also known as Langkawi Cable Car, is a fantastic experience that offers a unique way to see Panorama Langkawi. This cable car ride is renowned for its highest gradient and stunning views of the Andaman Sea, islands, and the surrounding valleys. Each cable car can carry six people and operates at a frequency once every 30 minutes. There are different gondolas available that one can board and enjoy the beautiful journey. Langkawi cable cars offer breathtaking views of the towering mountains, caves, and cliff walls. You will find remnants of Thailand and Indonesia in the northwest. Enjoy the most stunning views of Panorama Langkawi with Langkawi Cable Car tickets.

Batu Caves:

This is one of Malaysia’s most famous heritage sites. It is made of limestone caves dating back around 400 million years. The caves are located 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur and were initially used by the native Temuan people or the Besisi tribe (an Orang Asli tribe) as shelters in ancient times. Batu Caves is known for its magnificent Murugan Statue at the Cave’s foot. It is also home to the Sri Subramanian Swamy temple. The Murugan Statue, 42.7 meters tall and the highest in Malaysia, glistens with bright gold and soars to the top of the caves. Millions of Hindu devotees revere the cave temple as one of the ten holy abodes for Lord Murugan.

Dataran Merdeka:

It is Kuala Lumpur’s most famous monument, Dataran Merdeka also known as Merdeka Square. This place has a lot of historical significance. It is a popular tourist attraction in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The City Gallery and National Textile Museum are nearby. This is where the Federation of Malaya was officially declared independent from British control on the tragic night of August 31, 1957 and also The flag was raised atop the Merdeka Square flagpole, which measures 95 meters in height. It was a moment of pride for all Malayans.

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Lost World of Tambun:

Lost World of Tambun, a stunning adventure destination located in the beautiful scenery of Ipoh’s outskirts, is the perfect place to start your journey. This Malaysian premium theme park was once a tin mining wasteland, also It’s now a top-ranked tourist attraction. It is surrounded by hot springs and limestone 400-year-old features, as well as lush tropical rainforest. The park is made up of seven adrenaline-rushing adventure parks, which offer an amazing eco-adventure experience to visitors. The park features world-class roller coasters and land-based thrill rides that will deliver a punch of adrenaline and excitement.

Habitat Penang Hills:

Penang Hills is officially called Bukit Bendera (Flagstaff Hill) and Penang Hills was established by Captain Francis Light in the late 18th century, who was a British citizen belonging to the East India Company. Flagstaff Hill was given the current name. This place is often called Strawberry Hill because the captain had deforested some areas for strawberry cultivation. And also one of the most popular ecotourism attractions is Habitat Penang Hill, also this place offers some of nature’s best and most vibrant experiences. You will be taken on a tour through Penang Hill’s ancient rainforests, which are greener and more mature than Amazon rainforests . Experience the exotic weather and half the unique fauna and flora found only in this part of Penang’s tropical diverse ecosystem. You able to walk under the langur hay canopy or the famous Ribbon bridge.

Entopia Penang:

Entopia Penang is a must-see if you plan to visit Malaysia’s Penang because this is one of Malaysia’s largest butterfly farms can be seen with the dazzling sight of over 15,000 butterflies free flowing in natural settings with rich vegetation and blooming flowers. You can even meet the underground residents, including insects and creepy crawlies such as scorpions and snakes, if you’re brave enough. Entopia has more than 200 species in its flora, and 150 species in its fauna. It recreates the natural tropical habitat of many of the natural inhabitants. Through its many exhibits and interactions with the animals, the park aims to educate visitors about butterflies and other park residents. Nature Learning Activities such as Nature Talk, Vita Nova and Bug Exploration are available for curious visitors to learn more about the wild.

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August 31, 2022
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