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Date & Time:

The Gangasagar mela is going to be held on January 14 to 15 this year, on the holy event of makar sankranti. Pilgrims can start visiting for the holy bath from 13 January onwards.

Gangasagar Mela (SAGARDWIP) Overview:

Gangasagar may be a village and a gram council within the jurisdiction of the Sagar Police Station house within the Sagar CD block in the Kakdwip Subdivision of the South Twenty four Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal.

History behind Gangasagar:

A heavenly man, Kardam Muni, made a settlement with Vishnu that he would go through the afflictions of conjugal life, depending on the prerequisite that Vishnu would manifest as his child. In due time Kapil Muni was brought into the world as a manifestation of Vishnu and turned into an incredible holy person. Kapil Muni’s ashram was situated in the Gangasagar. One day King Sagar’s conciliatory pony vanished; it had been taken by Indra.

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Things to do:

Gangasagar is a position of Hindu journey. Consistently upon the arrival of Makar Sankranti (14 January), a huge number of Hindus assemble to take a sacred plunge at the intersection of stream Ganges and Bay of Bengal and deal petitions (puja) in the Kapil Muni Temple.

The Gangasagar reasonable and journey is held every year on Sagar Island’s southern tip, where the Ganges enters the Bay of Bengal.This intersection is additionally called Gangasagar or Gangasagara. Near the conversion is the Kapil Muni Temple. The Gangasagar journey and reasonable is the second biggest assemblage of humankind after the third custom washing of Kumbha Mela.

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How to reach:

From Kolkata, Diamond Harbor Road (NH-12) runs south around 90 km to Harwood Point, close to Kakdwip, where a ship rushes to Kachuberia at the north finish of the Gangasagar. The Panchyat Samity keeps a stopping region close to the ship arrival. The ship traversed a distributary of the Ganges stream (otherwise called Hooghly River or Muriganga waterway locally) to arrive at Kachuberia. Little boats additionally cross from Harwood Point to Kachuberia. Private vehicles and transports venture to every part of the approximately 32 km to the journey site at Gangasagar. From the journey leaving region the Kapil Muni Temple is around 200 meters and the Gangasagar conversion is around 700 meters.

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Gangasagar Mela 2022: Check COVID conventions to follow

ยท      Completely inoculated individuals โ€“ who have taken the first and second doze of immunization โ€“ are permitted to go to Gangasagar Mela 2022. They should show confirmation of the antibody endorsement.

ยท      A RT-PCR negative test report from an ICMR endorsed lab not sooner than 72 hours compulsory for those going to 2022 Gangasagar Mela.

ยท      All people and travelers, including sadhus, sanyasis (loner) and individuals coming from different states to the Gangasagar Mela ground and its prompt regions compulsorily use facial coverings; keep up with social removing and use sanitizers.

ยท      Government authorities, police staff, clinical faculty, volunteers and any remaining helping state hardware need to utilize facial coverings, keep up with social separating and sanitizers.

ยท     Medical care volunteers would be sent at vital focuses to spread mindfulness among the travelers and others for keeping up with COVID-19 convention and disseminating covers and sanitizers.

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January 13, 2022
Santu Chakraborty

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