Exploring Heritage: A Guide to the Famous Monuments of West Bengal

Famous Monuments of West Bengal

West Bengal, a state rich in history and culture, has an abundance of spectacular monuments that showcase its great past and unique heritage. From ancient temples to colonial landmarks, each monument offers a tale about West Bengal’s rich history and architectural grandeur. Join us on a journey to discover some of the famous monuments of West Bengal.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Our journey begins in the heart of Kolkata, where the magnificent Victoria Memorial commemorates the city’s colonial past. Built between 1906 and 1921, this grand white marble monument was dedicated to Queen Victoria and is now a museum with a large collection of British antiquities. Surrounded by magnificent gardens and reflecting pools, the Victoria Memorial is more than just a monument; it represents Kolkata’s cultural pride.

Victoria Memoria


Entry Fee: INR 30 for Indians, INR 500 for foreign tourists (additional fees for camera use).


Open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed on Mondays and national holidays).


Nearby Hotels: The Oberoi Grand, Taj Bengal, The Park Kolkata.

Budget Options: Fairlawn Hotel, Lytton Hotel, Astoria Hotel.

You will find lots of other options nearby.

Nearby Eateries:

Flurys: Famous for its English breakfast and cakes.

Peter Cat: Known for its Chelo Kebabs and sizzlers.

Mocambo: Popular for continental cuisine and retro ambiance.

Other Options Available too

Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kolkata

From imperial grandeur to spiritual sanctity, we visit the Dakshineswar Kali Temple on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. Rani Rashmoni built this temple in 1855, dedicated to Goddess Kali, and it is well-known for its elaborate architecture and tranquil atmosphere. The temple complex contains shrines dedicated to many Hindu gods and goddesses, making it an important pilgrimage site and spiritual centre.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple


Free entry to the temple. Separate fees may apply for special pujas and rituals.


Open daily from 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM and from 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM.


Nearby Hotels: Quite a many guest houses & hotel

Nearby Eateries:

Bhojohori Manna: Famous for Bengali vegetarian cuisine.

Lots of eateries on the campus of the temple.

Hazarduari Palace, Murshidabad

We go farther north and arrive at Murshidabad, which was formerly the capital of Bengal during the Mughal Empire. The Hazarduari Palace is an amazing structure built in the nineteenth century by British architect Duncan Macleod. The Hazarduari Palace Museum, with its thousand doors (hazฤr duฤr in Urdu), displays antiquities, paintings, and royal mementos from the lavish lifestyle of the Nawabs of Bengal.

Hazarduari Palace


Entry Fee: INR 20 for Indians, INR 250 for foreign tourists (additional fees for camera use).


Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed on Fridays and national holidays).


Nearby Hotels: Hotel Samrat, The Fame Hotel, Hotel Sunshine.

Other options are available too.

Nearby Eateries:

Hazra Hotel: Known for its Mughlai cuisine.

Alisha: Offers a mix of Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes.

Hotel Azad Hind: Famous for its traditional Bengali thali.

Sundarban National Park

We explore West Bengal’s natural beauties, including the Sundarbans National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest mangrove forest. The Sundarbans, which span India and Bangladesh, are home to the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, as well as a rich flora and fauna adapted to the mangrove forests’ unique habitat. A boat safari across the peaceful waterways of the Sundarbans provides an opportunity to see the natural beauty and species up close.

Sundarban National Park


Entry Fee: INR 60 for Indians, INR 200 for foreign tourists.


Safari timings vary by season and are regulated by the forest department.


Nearby Lodges: Sundarbans Tiger Camp, Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge, Sunderban Mangrove Retreat.

Other options are available too.

Nearby Eateries:

Sajnekhali Restaurant: Offers basic Indian and Bengali meals.

Sundarbans Jungle Camp: Provides local cuisine with a focus on seafood.

Sunderban Mangrove Retreat: Offers a mix of Bengali and Indian dishes.

Side note-You can travel on the launch and reach Sundarban.

Bishnupur temples, Bankura

Bishnupur, in the southwestern portion of West Bengal, is known for its fine terracotta temples built during the Malla rulers’ reigns in the 17th and 18th centuries. These intricately crafted temples, devoted to numerous Hindu deities such as Lord Krishna and Goddess Durga, have detailed clay panels depicting legendary scenes and everyday life. The Rasmancha, a one-of-a-kind pyramidal temple used for the annual Ras festival, stands out among Bishnupur’s architectural marvels.

Bishnupur temples, Bankura


Entry Fee: INR 10 for Indians, INR 150 for foreign tourists (additional fees for camera use).


Temples are open daily from sunrise to sunset.


Nearby Hotels: Hotel Nilachal, Hotel Sangeet, Hotel Annapurna Bishnupur.

Other Options Available.

Nearby Eateries:

Adi Ras Bari: Known for its traditional Bengali sweets.

Amra Bari: Offers a variety of Bengali snacks and sweets.

Radharaman Mistanna Bhandar: Famous for its sandesh and other Bengali sweets.

Try out other places as well.

Cooch Behar Palace, Cooch Behar

Our journey culminates in Cooch Behar, where the Cooch Behar Palace entices visitors with its blend of classical European and native architectural elements. Maharaja Nripendra Narayan built this palace in the late nineteenth century, and it is notable for its beautiful domes, marble statues, and spacious courtyards. Today, the palace functions as a museum, displaying royal artefacts, paintings, and historical relics that shed light on Cooch Behar’s royal legacy.

Cooch Behar Palace


Entry Fee: INR 25 for Indians, INR 100 for foreign tourists (additional fees for camera use).


Open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Nearby Hotels: Hotel Dooars Mountain, Hotel Ellora, Hotel Utsav Plaza.

Other Options Available too.

Nearby Eateries:

New Nataraj Hotel: Known for its Bengali Thali and local cuisine.

Classic Restaurant: Offers Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes.

Hotel Ellora: Provides a mix of North Indian and Bengali dishes.

You can explore other eatery options as well.

West Bengal’s famous monuments serve as proud reminders of the state’s rich cultural legacy and historical significance. The famous monuments of West Bengal we’ve listed to visit provide a look into West Bengal’s rich history and present. Whether you’re a history buff, a spiritual seeker, or a nature lover, West Bengal’s monuments offer an enriching trip through time and tradition. Plan a visit to these major attractions and go on an unforgettable journey across West Bengal’s cultural atmosphere, where history comes to life and heritage awaits exploration.

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