How To Reach Agra Full Details

How to Reach Agra

How to Reach Agra

One of the most important tourist destinations in the country (and in the world), connectivity to Agra has been well developed and is continuously improving over time. Most tourists club Agra with Delhi and/or Jaipur and therefore the road/train network is superb from both of those places, also from other places in India. Agra is a place of major historical importance and it is well connected to the other cities in India as well. For people coming from long distance, taking a flight to Delhi and driving from there’s recommended. Here’s your guide on How To Reach Agra seamlessly.

Most frequently searched routes to Agra:

Route NameDistanceTime (Approx.)via
Delhi to Agra242.9 km3 hr 58 min Yamuna Expy
Jaipur to Agra237.7 km4 hr 23 minBikaner – Agra Rd
Kolkata to Agra1,343.2 km25 hrNH 19 and Purvanchal Expy
Gurgaon to Agra195.1 km3 hr 34 min NH 19/NH 44
Goa to Agra1,753.2 km33 hrNH52
Mathura to Agra57.3 km1 hr 14 minNH 19
Mumbai to Agra1,206.7 km22 hr 57 minNH52
Manali to Agra731.4 km14 hr 9 minNH 44
Shimla to Agra568.5 km10 hr 28 minNH 44 and Yamuna Expy
Bangalore to Agra1,933.4 km34 hrNH 44
Chennai to Agra1,965.7 km35 hrNH 44
Hyderabad to Agra1,339.9 km25 hrNH 44
Jodhpur to Agra591.7 km10 hr 1 minBikaner – Agra Rd
Varanasi to Agra645.2 km9 hr 22 minAgra – Lucknow Expy
Pune to Agra1,218.4 km23 hr 26 minNH52
Ahmedabad to Agra881.9 km15 hr 12 minNH 48
Amritsar to Agra677.4 km11 hr 6 minNH 44
Chandigarh to Agra472 km7 hr 53 minNH 44 and Yamuna Expy
Udaipur to Agra618.4 km10 hr 37 minBikaner – Agra Rd
Jaisalmer to Agra856.4 km14 hr 29 minBikaner – Agra Rd
Srinagar to Agra1,016.7 km19 hr 44 minNH 44

The Gateway Routes: Navigating Your Journey :-

➤ How to reach Agra by Flight / Air

Agra has one and only airport called Kheria (Agra Airport) (8 km) that is also a military base and a commercial airport. Just constrained airlines like Air India and barely any flights employ. The shortest is less than an hour’s journey by air to Agra from the state capital Delhi. Kheria Airport is around 8 kilometers away from the main city of Agra. You can hire a cab / taxi to reach your destination in just 10 to 15 minutes.  If you are coming by flight, the nearest airports are in Delhi (4hrs), Jaipur (3 hours) and Lucknow (7hrs).

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➤ How to reach Agra by train

There are four major railway stations in Agra, the most common being Agra fort and Agra cantt. These stations are very much associated with a ton of significant urban areas, exceptionally other vacationer puts close by Agra for e.g. Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi etc. It serves as a railway junction so there are around 40 trains and a luxury train called Palace on Wheels that connect to Agra. Taj express and Shatabdi are two of the quickest train on this route, setting up extraordinary reconnecting with the national capital, and they have a good schedule for visiting Agra.

➤  How to reach Agra by road

Agra is situated on the Golden Triangle of the Tourist Circuit it’s connected to Delhi by NH2. The Taj expressway, one of the best roads in the country, connects Agra to Delhi via Greater Noida, and you can easily drive from Delhi to Agra in 3 hours. Different Private Volvo buses, Scheduled A/C Coach, and Luxury buses that handle to Agra. It takes 4-6 hours to prevail in Agra from Delhi by Volvo bus. The Taj expressway is a great way to reach Agra if you are coming from Delhi.

However, during the winter months, it is advisable to avoid using the expressway early morning and late at night. Dense fog surrounds the expressway during this time, leading to frequent accidents. There are frequent buses from Delhi to Agra – most buses start from Anand Vihar terminal in Delhi.

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➤  Local transport in Agra

Getting around the city can be done in rickshaws, electric buses, and tempo. There are also auto rickshaws and state buses. Taj Mahal and also the Agra Fort are quite near to one another. And if it isn’t too sunny you’ll be able to just walk between the two. Otherwise, there are tons of autos and battery-powered rickshaws plying between the two major monuments which charge a minimal amount.

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January 25, 2024
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