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Taj Museum

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Taj Museum


The museum is open from 9 in the morning and closes by 5 in the evening [9:00 am to 5:00 pm]. The museum is closed on all Fridays.

Entry Fee:

Indians: INR 20

Foreigners- INR 750


 Taj Mahal, Dharmapuri, Forest Colony, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001โŸต Click here

Taj Museum, Agra Overview

Taj Museum are one of the most energizing and interesting spots to visit particularly in the event that you love to get more information and increase skill in certain things. While the Taj Mahal is one of the greatest wonders of the world, there is one place inside this symbol of romance that most people tend to miss out on. The tiny but terrific depository is a double-stored building with a quadrangle projection outside. The museum is located a little left on the main gate of the mausoleum inside the ground floor of Jal Mahal, the museum provides the wonderful opportunity to have a close look at the blueprints, arts and artifacts used in the construction of the world-class monument. When you visit little inside from the Jal Mahal, you will find the Taj Museum there. Before visiting the Taj Museum, Agra, here are some things that you might want to know.

The museum provides the wonderful opportunity to have a close look at the blueprints, arts and artifacts used in the construction of the world-class monument. It likewise houses works of art showing the development and arranging of the graves of the Emperor and his Empress and the edges estimated are in this way, that the foot of the graves consistently faces the observers.

taj musuem agra image
Taj Museum

As the name suggests, the museum is all about telling the tale of the Taj. It is a well-known spot of visit among the visitors as it is home to the realities and history identifying with the glorious monument. You can also find gold and silver coins minted in Agra at the time. We recommend you to visit the place if you are in for a little historical and factual retreat.

History of Taj Museum

The Taj Museum was built up in the year 1982 and has been offering bits of knowledge about the compelling Taj ever since. While the Taj Mahal has been in its existence ever since it was constructed by 20,000 workers in the 17th century by the then Mughal ruler Shah Jahan, the Taj Museum was constructed much later.

Construction of Taj Museum

Spread over two floors, the museum boasts of three galleries in addition to the main hall. The main attraction is the 17th-century ivory portraits of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. Other than that, there are a dozen paintings, frescoes and sketches of the planning and designing of the Taj Mahal, in addition to umpteen antiques, miniature paintings, manuscripts, government decrees, arms, utensils, specimens of inlay works etc.

โ‡›First Gallery

This section contains drawings, plans and architectural elements of the monument. The site plans, copies of Shah Jahan plans that were sent to Raja Jai Singh, documents signed by dealers to send marble inlay works from Rajasthan and others are found in this gallery.

โ‡›Second Gallery

This section contains objects that belonged to the queen. You can find vases made of jade, mirrors and others, dishes made with celadon ware, swords, word map with indications of where the precious stones found in Taj Mahal were brought from and so on. You can find vessels that break or change color when food mixed with poison is served in it.

โ‡›Third Gallery

This is the most interesting part of the museum. This segment contains works of art of Taj Mahal during 18th century, orders of auction of organic products in the garden around the monument and others. The third gallery is a display of documents, farmanโ€™s, famous calligraphy works and the paintings of Taj Mahal during British rule is a significant attraction in the museum.

Images of Taj Museum

taj musuem agra image
taj musuem agra image
taj musuem agra image
taj musuem agra image

โžคfrequently asked question about Taj Museum:

Q-1. Why Taj Museum is so famous?

Ans: – The museum hall has three primary galleries. The exhibits centers around things related with Taj MahalShah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. You can find manuscripts, plan of the monument, marble pillars, paintings, arms, calligraphy, utensils and others.

Once you enter into the museum, you will find paintings of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, this paintings are the main attraction of 17th-century ivory portraits of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal.    Many coins of Mughal reign can be found in the main hall. On the other side, you can find paintings of 17th century with signature of Shah Jahan and royal seal. The paintings are scenes from Persian epics.

Q-2. What things to do in Taj Museum?

Ans: – There are comparable things to view as a rule any museum you visit and the Taj Museum is the same. However, unlike other museums with boring historic stuff, you will be mesmerized by the exciting knowledge you will get about the Taj. You can roam around staring at the beautiful artifacts that are located inside the museum. You can get a closer look at the blueprints of the art and artifacts that were used during the construction of Taj Mahal. Whether you are a romantic person, a history buff, or a lover of architecture, you will find everything to suit your requirements at this museum. There are two galleries in the compelling Taj Museum  that show the development of Taj and different shows the porcelain objects from that time. There is a third gallery as well where you can see the documents, calligraphy works, farmanโ€™s, and much more from that era.

Q-3. How to reach Taj Museum?

Ans: – The museum is located a little left on the main gate of the mausoleum inside the ground floor of Jal MahalTaj Mahal complex. Coming to Taj Mahal and getting around the city should be possible in rickshaws, electric transports and auto. There are also auto rickshaws and state buses. So as to limit pollution impacts on the monument, the vehicles are not permitted in the region of Taj and the vehicles should be left in the parking areas which is at a short distance from the mausoleum. There are non-electric tourist buses for the visitors from the parking area.[Map]

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