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Cheapest Places For Scuba Diving in India

In India thereโ€™s are many number of Scuba diving places available, but you may not be able to make it to all of them, here are just a few of the highlights places that you could choose to include in your tour.

Malvan, Maharashtra

Cost : 500 onwards

Grand Island, South Goa

Cost : 1500 onwards

Arvind's Wall, Pondicherry

Cost : 4000 onwards

Kochi, Kerala

Cost : 4000 onwards

Havelock Islands, Andaman

Cost : 15000 /- for 1-2 days

Margheritaโ€™s Mischief, Andaman

Cost :ย  8000 onwards

Baga Beach, North Goa

Cost : 6000 onwards

Temple Reef, Pondicherry

Cost : 6500 onwards

Alibaug, Maharashtra

Cost : 2500 onwards

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