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Best International Places to Visit Without Visa for Indians

Bhutan welcomes you with wide arms, with lush vegetation, the tremendous Himalayas, and charming monasteries. If you have an Indian passport, you can enter without a visa.


Dominica is not the abbreviation for Dominican Republic, but rather another Caribbean island. Island, sea, Caribbean's, these are all appropriate terms for a fantastic beach holiday.


I canโ€™t emphasize enough that Mauritius is much more than a honeymoon location; itโ€™s also a fantastic spot for family vacations and group vacations.


When I think about Jamaica, the first thing that springs to mind is a quiet day on the beach, drinking on some Pina Coladas while listening to Reggae music in the background. Jamaica embodies the ideal tropical paradise.


Fiji is the epitome of an exotic island, coming in second only to the Seychelles in terms of beauty. Visit Denarau Island, Mount Tomanivi, Sawa-i-lau (a rocky island).


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